Happy Tails

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Carolyn Baca writes: “Callie is a pit/lab mix. She is one of the calmest, most-well mannered dogs I have ever met. She is very comfortable living with Boogie (right) and Noodles (left), and just wishes they would play with her more often. Callie loves sunglasses and thinks that she should have them on instead of her human mommy, Jessica Walsh.
“Noodles is 6 years old. He has a unique personality and prefers to be treated like a human, and of course he is. He likes to run wild from one end of the house to the other and play hide and seek. Boogie is a sweet, lovable 2-year-old stray who decided he needed a home and I took him in. It took a while for my older cat Noodles to accept him and now when Boogie is outside Noodles calls him in. They have become very good friends.”

Thirty-nine golden retrievers, along with their 59 humans, had a blast at the 3rd Annual Rescued Golden Retriever Party held in June 2010 at the home of Pete Van Zandt. Most of the dogs have been rescued from animal shelters or were owner surrenders. 

If you would like information on adopting a rescued golden, contact Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso by logging onto the web site   www.grrep.org or by calling 915-920-0958.

Pure mischief! The kitty on the left is Snowy, and on the right is Bobby, or “the Bobbacat,” as he was known. Both are shelter rescues. Bobby passed away several years ago, but his wild, wacky memory lives on! He was known to chase dogs. Their humans are Jim & Kathy Lawitz.

This is Jake, Rosalie MacCready’s shelter rescue with his favorite toy. “He carries it around like a kid with a teddy bear,” Rosalie said. “It squeaks. He greets people at the door with it in his mouth…so proud of it!”

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