Pet Cemetery

More than 30 native plants can be found within the boundaries, including the beautiful and delicate windmill grass and paper flower, and the hardy, pesky pigweed and goat head. No herbicides or pesticides are being used to tend the graves, and hand-to-hand combat against  the weeds is arduous.

Donations of drought-tolerant plants, bird feeders or seed, and drip irrigation supplies are always welcome, as are landscaping tools. We do ask that any donated motor-driven equipment be in working order.

To visit the cemetery (from Las Cruces), take Hwy. 70 east to the Weisner exit; turn right at the bottom of the exit and follow the road for approximately 1/8 of a mile. The cemetery is on the left.

For information on pet burials, contact Ellie Choate at 640-0634, or [email protected]

Complimentary grief counseling for people who bury their pets at the cemetery is available through Carole Grady at (575) 202-7576.

The Alicia Melgaard Pet Cemetery is owned and operated by the Dona Ana County Humane Society.

A donation in memorial of a departed pet or loved one is a lasting way to honor them by helping DACHS continue its animal welfare programs. Please visit “In Memory of…”

We also have two annual Community Pet Cemetery Clean-ups each year; this year’s spring clean-up was in April and the next one will be the last Saturday in October.

Area Boy Scouts also perform clean-up projects at the cemetery to earn hours toward their Eagle Scout badges; read about it here.